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The classic account of the 1912-1918 German Submarine Service; the Memoirs of Johannes Spiess served the entire war in U-boats and sank over 42 Allied ships. Spiess served as executive officer to Otto Weddigen on the U9 and was present at the often recounted sinking of the British cruisers Aboukir, Hogue and Cressy. (and Hawke) Later a submarine commander he served in the North Sea during the 1915 Restricted Submarine Phase, 1915-1916 in the Baltic Sea, 1917 -1918 The English Channel, Irish Sea and North Sea during the Unrestricted Submarine Phase(and the experienced heightened Entente Anti-Submarine efforts) and later was a key actor in suppressing the initial German Naval Mutinies in 1918. He also initiated the only confirmed landing of German military personal on British shores.

Spiess sank 42 ships, the majority may all be termed “hard gainers” as with few exception they were when his own boat was submerged with constricted visibility, against escorted targets and not without danger to his boat in the form of immediate counter attack. His most notable sinking was an armed merchant cruiser with no less than eleven escorts.

His memoirs have been frequently quoted with respect to the immediate pre-war period, the sinking of Aboukir, Hogue and Cressy, and the near torpedoing of mutinous German dreadnoughts in 1918. His work is repeatedly referenced in the finest account of the German submarine war by authors Gibson and Prendergast in their work by the same title. “The German Submarine War 1914-1918”

The work is expanded with relevant appendices and annotated throughout by the editor with identification of vessels attacked and attacking. The KTB (Kriegtagsbuch or War Diary) for each submarine under his command. U9 and U19, was consulted to confirm events as were German Official Histories. Relevant Entente Official Histories, primary records and secondary works feature as corroborating evidence from the other side. An example being of the various British and Russian submarines and surface escorts, even airships, encountered in various missions.

Original German Edition.


Translated and annotated edition with War Patrol entries and maps and Allied after action report. 300+ pages. Illustrated.

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