Robbe 8361 controller

Suitable for all Power motors in the 400-600 class.

FET= Power MOS-FET field effect transistors

BEC= Integral Receive Power Supply

hec= High motor plse frequency: fine proportional control, guards against magnet damage

POR= Power on Protection, prevetns the motor starting accidentally

TP= Excess temperature protection system

PCO= Power cut off

RXF= RX filter, switches the controller off if the transmitter signal fails or suffers interference.

EPS= Ultra Simple programming

Button= Programmable input button

LEd=LED indicator for operational and programming functions

Sl= High quality flexible silicone power cables


Functions: Forwards, neutral, brake

Operating range: 6-10 NC

Motor output: 18 NC

Motor current: 18 A

BEC: 5V max, 2-3 servos

Dimensions: 42x27x10mm

weight: 30grams

Connector system: 1.5mm amp direct motor connection

$35 Free shipping in the USA





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