A rare opportunity to view a German Torpedo boat commander’s view of the war, 1914-1915. Lt. Callissen recounts his immediate pre and early war experience commanding torpedo boat V188  to include the Heligoland Bight action, the Whitby and Hartlepool bombardments, the routines and dangers of patrols and sorties in the Heligoland Bight to finally include his account of being torpedoed by H.M. submarine E.16. Assigned to command torpedoboat V191, Callisen recounts his experiences in the Baltic in later 1915 culminating in the double sinking of V191 and the cruiser S.M.S Breman to Russian mines.

The account is annotated with reports drawng from British, German and Russian archives to include the KTB of the torpedo boat flotilla, Callissen’s loss report, E.16 attack report and a Russian account of the fateful minelaying and numerous other footnotes clarifying and identifying relevant actions in the book.

The only published account of a German torpedoboat officer. V188 is highly regarded among German war literature researchers for its veracity and straightforward descriptions of active service. $19.99

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